KING Grease Converters

The environmentally friendly option
The natural way, using bacteria and enzymes that break down greasy fats and oils, turning them into a biodegradable solution.

  • Easy installation into new or existing kitchens
  • Easy aftercare maintenance

KING Grease Converter PDF brochure - click here

Model Size

160 Litre Treatment Capacity

650mmL x 450mmD x 400mmH

250 Litre Treatment Capacity

768mmL x 458mmD x 460mmH

350 Litre Treatment Capacity

1000mmL x 458mmD x 460mmH

500 Litre Treatment Capacity

1225mmL x 455mmD x 527mmH

Auto Doser

BIO ZYME Recommended Doser and fluid

*Please contact us for further information and all current Grease Converter pricing.

The owner must follow a start-up procedure and sign up for a Maintenance Service Contract with every KING Grease Converter. 

The Installation is to be carried out by a registered plumber only who will then sign the appropriate council documentation.

BIO-ZYME key information

Bio-Zyme Auto-Dosers are programmed to pump Bio-Zyme Industrial into the system at least 1 hour after clean up of kitchen has finished.
Bio-Zyme has an application temperature of 75dg C maximum.
Optimum working temperature range 18 to 45dg C.

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Grease Converter Key Information

  • Outer casing – 304 grade stainless steel
  • Internal components – 304 grade stainless steel
  • Inlet – 50mm
  • Outlet – 50mm
  • Auto Dispenser inlet – 10mm (plug if not used)
  • Servicing of converter – once per year (full pump out)
  • Floor mounted – non fixed
  • Approximate converter process time – 5 hours

Independent test results

Sample Type: Aqueous
(High demand commercial kitchen)
 Sludge influent
(Taken from top & inlet)
Trade Waste Effluent
(Taken from the outlet)
pH - 4.4
Between acceptable levels 4-10
Total Suspended Solids (g/m3) 1850
95% Decrease
Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand (cBOD5) 10,200 500 95% Decrease
Oil and Grease (mg/kg ) - (g/m3)
37000 48
99.99% Decrease