As well as doing custom steel fabrication, we also have a selection of pre-fabricated products for sale. 

KING Grease Converters

The environmentally friendly option

The natural way, using bacteria and enzymes that break down greasy fats and oils, turning them into a biodegradable solution.

  • Easy installation into new or existing kitchens
  • Easy aftercare maintenance
Key Information 
  • Outer casing – 304 grade stainless steel
  • Internal components – 304 grade stainless steel
  • Inlet – 50mm
  • Outlet – 50mm
  • Auto Dispenser inlet – 10mm (plug if not used)
  • Servicing of converter – once per year (full pump out)
  • Floor mounted – non fixed
  • Approximate converter process time – 5 hours

Sizes Available

KG160 - 160 Litre Treatment Capacity

KG250 - 250 Litre Treatment Capacity 

KG350 - 350 Litre Treatment Capacity 

KG500 - 500 Litre Treatment Capacity 

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