Recent Projects

A few recent commercial projects:

Auckland's new WHITE LADY!! Serving burgers since 1948! Stainless Steel Benches, extraction systems & cabinets

Beehive building GOODSIDE (Smales Farm)- RIPE Deli - Stainless Benches, Extraction system, Steel Screens l Fantail & Turtle - Stainless bar, benches, shelves, copper l Goodness Gracious - Stainless Benches, Extraction system l Shakeout - Extraction system, Stainless Benches 

(Morningside Precinct) Morningside Bar - Stainless Benches & Hood l Events Kitchen - Extraction Hood  l KIND cafe - Hood, Stainless Benches, Shelving lBo Dumpling's - Hood, Stainless benches & shelving l Electric Chicken - Hood & Wall lining l Cidery - Benches in Copper l Miann Morningside - Stainless Work & Extraction I 

Whittakers Chocolate Store - Display gondola steel I  Happy Boy - Stainless Kitchen and Steel Tables l Ferizas Brass work, Hanging Frames, Commercial Extraction Hood & Steel work l Better Burger Various Locations l Chamberlain Bar - Britomart - Stainless Benches bar & Kitchen l  Vodka Room Stainless & Steel Work l Point Chev Beach Cafe - Stainless Steel kitchen and steel furniture l Farro Fresh Orakei - Stainless Kitchen and benches l Lord KitchenerStainless Kitchen Benches, Extraction System l Grand Designs TV show - Two Houses Ponsonby & Point Chev l DEVON Restaurant/Cafe Devonport - Stainless Kitchen & steel furniture l Tiffany's - Stainless Steel detailing, Steel work l Casablanca - Stainless Benches, Extraction Hood, Steel Window frames lDevon Restaurant - Devonport, Stainless Benches, Extraction Hood, Steel frames l Hallertau Brewery - Outdoor kitchen Hoods & Extract system l MediaWorks NewsHub - News desk and screen frame l Paleo Cafe - Westgate Commercial kitchen & Extraction l Brothers Brewery - Kitchen & Extraction hood l Pizza Hutt - Warkworth - Commercial kitchen & Extraction l Farro - Epsom - Stainless Benches l Kiwi Grill - North West - Stainless benches l Columbus Coffee - Various Sites - Stainless Benches l Bodrum - Brickworks - Commercial Kitchen l Burgerfuel - Various NZ & Australia restaurants l Cristian Dior - Auckland CBD - Various high polished Stainless steel items l New World Howick - Stainless Benches, Crashrails, Checkout components l Mojo - Auckland CBD - Stainless Benches l Sals Pizza - Various sites - Extraction system 

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New Morningside Development

We are in the process of fitting out stainless steel benches, extraction hoods, wall lining and even copper benchtops for a cidery. Photos to come, go...

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